Tectonic Shifts Will Rattle the Halls of CSU in Baltimore

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Tectonic Shifts Will Rattle the Halls of CSU in Baltimore

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Baltimore, MD: Sponsored by the Coppin State University Anthropology Program in the Department of Social Sciences, Professor Mark Schuller, author of the newly released publication Tectonic Shifts, will engage in a discussion about his research fieldwork in Haiti – during and after the earthquake and the current situation the people of Haiti face today. This is a free, public event that will take place on March 28th at 6:00pm through 8:00pm on CSU's campus: Health and Human Services Building - Room 103.

About the Book:
Published by Kumarian Press, Tectonic Shifts presents a diverse set of voices: perspectives ranging from on-the-ground activists to journalists to academics—from Haiti itself and from the disaspora. These voices expose Haiti’s heightened vulnerability—the result of mismanagement by officials and the recent changes in economic policies—and address the range of contemporary realities, foreign impositions, and the struggles that the people of Haiti face today.

The book released early January to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the earthquake. It has received both national and international attention by the Embassy of Haiti, the Journal of Haitian Studies and TransAfrica. The book retails for $24.95, and is available for purchase through Kumarian Press, or on-site at the event.

About the Editors
Mark Schuller is Assistant Professor of African American Studies and Anthropology, York College, City University of New York. He has traveled to Haiti several times with his students to aid some 600,000+ individuals still trapped in Haiti’s tent cities.

Pablo Morales is Editor at the North American Congress on Latin America.

About the Venue
This is a free, public event. For more information, please contact Kumarian Press Marketing Associate Jennifer Kern at: Jennifer@styluspub.com or (703) 996-1022 or Coppin State University Representative Elgin Klugh at eklugh@coppin.edu.

The event will be held on Coppin State University’s campus: Health and Human Services Building – Room 103 at 6:00pm.



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